Rosewill NEON K42 Wired Membrane Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

1.500,00 EGP

front view of Rosewill NEON K42 keyboard

NEON K42 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Play with confidence and in style with the Rosewill NEON K42. This gaming keyboard perfectly combines the comfortable responsiveness of a membrane keyboard with the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard. 26 anti-ghosting keys let you press multiple keys simultaneously without missing registration of any key. Enjoy gorgeous RGB lighting with 8 pre-programmed lighting modes and 6 zones.

Rosewill NEON K42 placed beside a monitor with its RGB lit up

Hybrid Mechanical Switch Gaming Keyboard

Experience the responsive tactile fusion of a membrane keyboard with the typing feel of a mechanical keyboard; type and game with accurate feedback, reduced noise and enhanced comfort.

logos of 8 RGB backlit modes

8 RGB LED Backlight Modes

Glow up your setup with 8 stunning backlight modes or customize all 6 zones on the keyboard from a range of color options; Take advantage of on-the-fly pre-programmed LED modes and settings without software.

a hand pressing mutiple keys on Rosewill NEON K42 keyboard

26 Fully Anti-Ghosting Keys

Battle on with 26 anti-ghosting keys, where multiple key combinations can be pressed simultaneously and are precisely registered in the order they are input, without error, allowing you to do more during intense gaming se


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