G.Skill RipJaws S5 (Intel XMP) 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 6000 CL32-38-38-96

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Ripjaws S5 is a performance DDR5 DRAM memory series made with hand-screened memory ICs, strikes an ideal balance between performance, compatibility, and stability and is available in matte black or matte white aluminum heatspreaders.

Ripjaws S5 4x Black Motherboard

Overclocked Memory Performance

Developed and optimized for Intel platforms, the Ripjaws S5 taps into the speed potential of DDR5 to bring a whole new level of overclocked performance.

Ripjaws S5 x2 Black-White Angled

Super Speed in Style

Ripjaws S5 series adopts a minimalistic chromatic design inspired by classic racing stripes and grills, available in matte black or matte white to match a wide variety of PC build themes.

Ripjaws S5 33mm Low Profile Height

Compact Low-Profile Design

Featuring a low-profile height of just 33mm, the Ripjaws S5 memory is an ideal choice for compact mini-ITX builds or systems with large CPU coolers.

(*Please check the specifications of your CPU cooler for actual height clearance.)

Ripjaws S5 2x White Motherboard

XMP 3.0 Support

Just set and go. Programmed with Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, the only thing between you and overclocked performance is a simple BIOS setting.

(*Enable XMP in BIOS to reach up to the rated OC speed of this memory kit. Max memory speed & stability depends on capability of the motherboard & CPU.)

Ripjaws S5 4x Black Scene
Ripjaws S5 2x White Scene
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